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Brazilian Academy of Civil Procedural Law

The Brazilian Academy of Civil Procedural Law (ABDPC) is a non-governmental institution, with no religious or political connections, of scientific character and without profitable purposes, whose main objectives are:

. To foment the research and the study of civil procedural law, while juridical science and as necessary means to the visualization of the material right;

. To accomplish programs, seminars, lectures, conferences and scientific, pedagogic and cultural courses and events with the purpose of spreading the critical study of the procedural values, as well as to reveal the importance of the knowledge of this juridical science to the operators of the law and to the own society (while under jurisdiction);

. To institute prizes and promote competitions of scientific monographs linked to the civil procedural law, as form of diffusing the science;

. To distinguish with stamp of quality law schools, graduation courses and masters degree, as well as events that present high skilled people, responsible for teaching of civil procedural law, in order to provide a better qualification to its study.

. To publish scientific articles and works regarding to civil procedural law, from members of the Academy as well as people who not make part of the Institution, for own means or for agreements with juridical magazines of local, national or international expression;

. To propitiate means so that there is a deserved recognition of national juridical scientists and procedural experts;

. To motivate and give support to the pedagogic and cultural activities that have for purpose deeper scientific knowledge about civil procedural law;

. To foment the exchange and the knowledge change among scientists of the civil procedural law, from most several areas of the Country and abroad, in order to propitiate the general improvement of the juridical science;

. To disclose, in Brazil and abroad, the scientific knowledge from professors, specialists, masters, doctors, PhDs, and professionals who work with insistence in the civil procedural law.



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